Streamlining access to research on discovery tools and scholarly platforms

GetFTR (Get Full Text Research) enables faster access for researchers to high quality published research.

Working on- and off-campus and built on trusted technology, GetFTR is working with providers of online research services and publishers to remove barriers for researchers and improve access to high quality content.

Joined by over 30 publishers and integrators, GetFTR supports streamlined access to over 51%  of all scholarly content.

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How GetFTR works

Take a tour to see how GetFTR provides a seamless pathway for researchers, from discovery services and online platforms to the most up-to-date and best version of a journal article.

See how the GetFTR API connects discovery or collaboration tools to accurate, real-time entitlements information from multiple publisher sources to deliver researchers the information they need, when they need it, wherever they are.

GetFTR welcomes two new publishers to a new program that waives costs for smaller organisations

Get Full Text Research (GetFTR) is pleased to welcome Edinburgh University Press (EUP) and Wageningen Academic Publishers to the service under the new  “free tier” program which removes the cost barrier for smaller publishers. EUP and Wageningen Academic Publishers are the first to benefit from GetFTRs decision to waive the service fees for publishers who […]

5th October 2022

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