Publisher Pricing

GetFTR is a service and enabling infrastructure that adds value by streamlining access to research from discovery tools and scholarly platforms. In order to stimulate adoption, GetFTR is free to use for integrators.

To ensure a stable and high-quality service that can be sustained over time, GetFTR uses the following tiered fee structure for publishers:

Total number of journal DOIs more thanStandard annual fee**
Less than 40,000$0 (free)*
Founding members$200,000

N.B. All pricing is in US dollars. 

For all journal DOI counts, CrossRef data is deemed to be the authoritative source.

*In an effort to support smaller publishers and societies, GetFTR will waive the annual fee for any publisher with less than 40,000 journal DOIs that uses using a journals platform provided by one of our partner vendors. T&C’s apply – please contact GetFTR to learn more

**To support publishers with a large back file, publisher fee will be reduced to the next tier down if annual number of journal DOIs (taken as an average over 3 years) is less than 40x total number of journal DOIs. This excludes publishers that fall into the $5000 price band. 

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