Discovery Resources

GetFTR is a free service for discovery resources and collaboration networks which streamlines access to published research adding value to your product and helping your users reach the content they are entitled to read.

  • Through the GetFTR indicator, users of discovery resources can quickly tell which published journal articles their institution has made available to them, either through institution subscriptions, or content is freely available.

  • They can then follow the enhanced links provided by GetFTR to rapidly access published research, bypassing multiple steps in the authentication.

  • GetFTR will take them directly to the published version of record.

GetFTR provides researchers with accurate, real-time entitlements information from participating publishers so researchers can go directly from the search results to the article or book chapter, confident they will not encounter barriers. It also exposes open access content in hybrid journals as the entitlement checks are done at the DOI level.

It can be used on devices both on and off-campus, from any browser, without the need for the user to do anything. They will simply see the GetFTR indicator .