GetFTR was designed for the researcher.

Publishers and discovery resource providers are keen to optimize your journey from discovery to access and to put a stop to “click and pray” scenarios where you are never quite sure whether you will be able to access the full text.

GetFTR’s mission is to ensure you benefit from improved discovery and streamlined access to the authoritative, up-to-date research you are entitled to read.

GetFTR providers researchers with:

  • Indicators on the search results page, clearly signposting whether the content is available (no need to “click and pray”)

  • Fast links to content, bypassing unnecessary steps in the authentication and access control process

  • Most up to date version every time

  • Clear visibility of open access articles in hybrid journals

  • GetFTR Browser supports discovery and access via Google Scholar and other discovery tools

If you are using a discovery service which has signed up to GetFTR, you will see GetFTR indicators appear in your search results, article pages, saved content in personal libraries or wherever the discovery tool has integrated – therefore you can be confident that a click will lead to access. GetFTR will signpost content your university has subscribed to, or open access content (whether in a fully OA or hybrid journal).

Download the GetFTR browser extension