There are two separate GetFTR Services available for publishers:

GetFTR Publisher Service

  • Benefit from streamlined access to the full text on your platform, GetFTR indicators will appear on discovery resources and tools that integrate with GetFTR (and on any website where a DOI is found if the user has downloaded the GetFTR Browser Extension)

GetFTR Integrator Service

  • Provide streamlined access to other publisher’s full text on their platforms, where applicable a GetFTR indicator will appear on your article references signposting the availability of that content to the researcher

Download our detailed explanation of the options open to publishers. 

What does this mean in practice?

  • GetFTR streamlines access to research by flagging if a user is entitled to read scholarly content at the point of discovery, when using a discovery resource that has integrated with GetFTR. Essentially, GetFTR makes discovery resources and tools aware of researchers’ entitlements.
  • GetFTR  increases readership by speeding up and simplifying the discovery to access journey by taking the researcher either directly to the full text or to the institution sign-in screen, where necessary, and offering a familiar and consistent experience across multiple resources.
  • When using discovery resources, readers can easily tell which scholarly content has been made available to them via their institution subscriptions or open access, by looking out for GetFTR buttons. It will also provide links to open access and freely available content in hybrid journals, even where a subscription isn’t in place.