GetFTR now supports streamlined access to over 51% of global research output

29th March 2022

The service continues to expand its reach across the sector through new partnerships with IOP Publishing, AIAA Publications, ASM, DeepDyve, SciFinder and Scopus 

March 29th 2022 – Get Full Text Research (GetFTR) continues to strengthen its commitment on improving access for the research community through newly established partnerships. The start of the year has seen: aerospace publisher AIAA; the American Society for Microbiology  

ASM; digital library platform DeepDyve; scientific publisher IOP Publishing; research tool SciFinder; and Elsevier’s abstract and citation database Scopus, all go live. Holding partnerships with over 35 publishers and integrators, GetFTR now supports streamlined access to over 51% of global research output.

“Designed with the scholarly reader and author in mind, GetFTR is dedicated to streamlining discovery and access journeys that advance scholarly research. Marking two years since GetFTR received its first entitlement requests, we are incredibly proud of the growth and strength in partnerships, additional use cases, and breadth across the scholarly communications ecosystem that we have and continue to build”, commented Dianne Benham, GetFTR Product. 

The addition of  IOPP, AIAA and ASM, will expand the content offering to researchers, enabling quick and easy access to the latest publications, benefiting from the publishers’ global research base and heritage across disciplines such as physics, astronomy, environmental sciences, microbiology and mathematics. GetFTR now enables fast access to content provided by over half of the scholarly publication market and continues to grow while maintaining its core mission to researchers.

Since launch, GetFTR has facilitated more than 2.4 billion entitlement checks and now sends over 12 million GetFTR links to discovery services each week, providing access to the version of record or an alternative version every time.  This will be further enhanced through the integration with DeepDyve, SciFinder and Scopus, as the market continues to adapt to the need for easy access to the most relevant and recent research papers, wherever the researcher wishes to access them. 

Heather Staines, Business Development, GetFTR: “Our focus remains on being an active partner to the research community – developing  our service and establishing new partnerships to make researchers’ access to the version of record easier and faster, and helping to be an active voice in, and for, the sector by supporting innovative projects like the new ScienceDirect pilot. As we move forward our goal is to better understand and develop ways to improve research discovery with the community, serving a growing number of use cases, in 2022 and beyond.” 

If you would like to find out more about the service, its developments please get in touch with

About GetFTR

Get Full Text Research (GetFTR) is a free to use solution that enables faster access for researchers to the published journal articles they need. Working on and off campus and built on trusted technology, GetFTR is inviting providers of online research services and publishers to be part of its development. For more information, please visit

About AIAA

AIAA has earned an international reputation as the preeminent publisher of cutting-edge aerospace books and journals, and the leading source of aerospace industry archives, dating back to the early 1900s. Over the past eight decades, AIAA and its predecessor organizations have published over 300 books and almost 200,000 technical articles. AIAA’s current publications include eight technical journals, a magazine, three book series, national and international standards documents, a growing number of e-books and other electronic products, and a full-service, interactive website. For the most authoritative technical publications, look to AIAA.

About ASM

The American Society for Microbiology is one of the largest professional societies dedicated to the life sciences and is composed of 30,000 scientists and health practitioners. ASM’s mission is to promote and advance the microbial sciences. ASM advances the microbial sciences through conferences, publications, certifications, educational opportunities and advocacy efforts. It enhances laboratory capacity around the globe through training and resources. It provides a network for scientists in academia, industry and clinical settings. Additionally, ASM promotes a deeper understanding of the microbial sciences to diverse audiences.- American Society for Microbiology (

About DeepDyve

DeepDyve is a technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley with a mission to make enterprise literature management easier and more affordable for small to medium-sized organizations so they can focus on doing research, not managing it. DeepDyve’s Digital Library combines a 150M+ article reference database with an industry’s largest and most affordable full-text collection of 20M+ open access articles and 26M+ premium rentable papers from publishers such as Springer Nature, Wiley, Wolters Kluwer, JAMA, Oxford University Press, New England Journal of Medicine, and more. In addition, the company’s enterprise platform lets research organizations host a cloud repository of their own PDFs, share folders, bookmark and annotate articles, and enable centralized article orders—all seamlessly integrated from one place. Learn more by visiting

About IOP Publishing

IOP Publishing is a society-owned scientific publisher, providing impact, recognition and value for the scientific community. We work closely with researchers, librarians and partners worldwide to produce academic journals, books and conference series. Our aim is to cover the latest and best research in the physical sciences and beyond.

About SciFinder

SciFinder, a resource from the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), is a curated database of chemical and bibliographic information that covers several scientific and biomedical fields, with an emphasis on chemistry. Originally launched in 1995 as a desktop software application, the web version of SciFinder was released in 2008. According to CAS, the intended audience for SciFinder includes researchers who are affiliated with pharmaceutical companies, universities, and other health sciences settings. SciFinder is an appropriate resource to consult for literature searches and to find background information on chemicals, drugs, and substances.

About Scopus

Scopus uniquely combines a comprehensive, expertly curated abstract and citation database with enriched data and linked scholarly literature across a wide variety of disciplines.

Scopus quickly finds relevant and authoritative research, identifies experts and provides access to reliable data, metrics and analytical tools. Be confident in progressing research, teaching or research direction and priorities — all from one database and with one subscription.

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