31st March 2022

Happy Anniversary GetFTR!

This month marks the two-year anniversary of when we received our first entitlement request at GetFTR. At launch we had 5 publishers, 2 integrators, and 1 platform. Today, GetFTR is used by over 30 publishers and integrators, it facilitates more than 40M entitlement checks a week, and sends 12M GetFTR links back to Discovery Services, providing access to the version of record every time.

Check out our new GetFTR Infographic that shows our journey. It highlights when new publishing partners came onboard, when integrators signed up, and new use cases that GetFTR now supports.

Engaging with the community

We recently presented at STM Week, and the recording is available if you’d like to find out more about GetFTR. We’re also planning a Publisher Webinar in May, please keep an eye on our community page for other upcoming events which provide an opportunity to engage directly with the GetFTR team, peers and to explore how GetFTR could work for you.

Catch up on our seminar videos here 

New participants

Scientific publisher IOP Publishing and ASM (the American Society for Microbiology) have joined GetFTR, providing entitlement checks and streamlined access to scholarly content. Aerospace publisher AIAA and integrator TDNet will join in April.

We also welcome Elsevier’s abstract and citation database Scopus, digital library platform DeepDyve, and research tool SciFinder, who have all integrated with GetFTR, adding links and indicators that alert Researchers to content that their institution has made available to them.

ScienceDirect is the first publisher to become an integrator, adding GetFTR links to journal article references. More publishers will be launching GetFTR for references soon.

Additionally, ScienceDirect has commenced a six month pilot that enables researchers to search and browse over 70,000 articles across a number of journals in Organic Chemistry and Transportation from publishers participating in GetFTR. More about the pilot can be found here.

Check out our latest press release for more information on our new participants.

What’s next?

We recently conducted interviews with 16 researchers in Europe, North America, China and Africa, and gathered feedback from nearly 200 researchers via a survey. We’ve identified what’s important to researchers and how GetFTR can further ease the discovery-to-access process. We’ve tested some new ideas on alternative versions and browser extensions – more on the results soon!

We’re looking forward to catching up with you, either in person or online. Please contact us if you’re interested in joining or finding out more about GetFTR and what we’re up to next.