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11th October 2022

Publishers are increasingly turning to GetFTR to ensure researchers are provided with streamlined access to the most up-to-date trusted research, and we have completed more than 5 billion entitlement checks since….

GetFTR: What’s New and What’s Coming Up

In case you missed it – you can now watch a recording of our latest Publisher webinar. Suitable for all, during this short webinar we briefly introduced the service and provided updates on recent and forthcoming developments, before we spent time…

21st July 2022

It’s been a busy few months at GetFTR, commissioning user research to test new concepts, running our highest attended publisher webinar, participating at other events, and onboarding new partners. Please read on to find….

GetFTR user research

The publishing space and market, how we access and expect to access content, is one of constant evolution. Two years ago when we developed the GetFTR proposition, it was to meet several core needs: Improve access to scholarly content. Remove some of the noise researchers face around which….

Exploring new use cases

Earlier this week we ran the latest in our series of webinars to look at how publisher and discovery services are utilizing GetFTR to streamline access to content for researchers. Joined by guest speakers: Reference lists, Laird Barrett, Group Product Manager, Springer Nature. Content hosting, Jud….

GetFTR’s journey so far

In celebration of two years since GetFTR received its’ first entitlement request – we have taken a look back at our journey so far. The proposition we seek to address, how we are aiming to do that and so of the key ways in which we have had impact so far. Take a scroll through and of course don’t hesitate….

31st March 2022

This month marks the two-year anniversary of when we received our first entitlement request at GetFTR. At launch we had 5 publishers, 2 integrators, and 1 platform. Today, GetFTR is used by over 30 publishers and….

GetFTR invites Aggregators to join

“We are calling on Aggregators to engage with us and provide streamlined pathways to aggregated content via Discovery Services and other third-party tools that use GetFTR.” In our last Scholarly Kitchen post, Ralph Youngen and Todd Toler discussed how….