11th October 2022

Publishers are increasingly turning to GetFTR to ensure researchers are provided with streamlined access to the most up-to-date trusted research, and we have completed more than 5 billion entitlement checks since launch, thanks to our sixteen participating publishers.

Increasing the scope of content accessible via GetFTR

In Q4, we will be increasing the amount of content accessible via GetFTR, by onboarding new publishers, and supporting aggregators in getting their integrations prioritized. Additionally, we have launched self-service integration tests via the GetFTR portal to better support and streamline Publisher onboarding.

In recent weeks, we welcomed the American Association for the Advancement of Science, who now provides entitlement checking and GetFTR links where the researcher’s institution entitles them to content. We also welcomed Edinburgh University Press and Wageningen Academic Publishers, who have joined via the free tier program that was announced in October’s GetFTR webinar. If you missed the webinar, you can catch up here.

Increasing the number of GetFTR links to trusted content

We remain committed to increasing the number of GetFTR links available to researchers, providing more paths to trusted research.

We are developing two services to support this goal;

  • A high performance GetFTR service, providing Discovery Services and other Integrators with faster entitlement decisions – Springer Nature and ResearchGate are integrating and testing the new service ahead of it being offered to others
  • A GetFTR browser extension, which will add GetFTR links to the researcher’s discovery service of choice – we are inviting researchers to participate in a closed beta, please contact me if you are interested

New study to show that GetFTR is well positioned to solve researcher problems

Following research conducted earlier in the year by Clearleft, we are analyzing researcher workflows to identify the number of clicks and actions to access content, compared to using a discovery service that has integrated with GetFTR. More on this soon.

If you are considering integrating, or have recently integrated, we would welcome a discussion on how your users are benefiting from GetFTR, as we would like to develop some case studies.

Would you like to hear more?

GetFTR is on the agenda again at several leading industry events, including:

GetFTR was also discussed at the recent SSP New Directions Seminar, as the service is being used for the ScienceDirect content hosting pilot.

Hylke Koers and Heather Staines will be attending these events, along with the Frankfurt Book Fair and London STM events in December. If you would like to set up an in-person meeting or virtual meeting at any time, please let us know.

Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or would like to get involved with the Browser Extension pilot.