Usability Guidelines

We are pleased to announce that GetFTR has updated its Usability Guidelines, based on feedback from the scholarly community and UX teams. 

These recommendations provide guidance for the implementation of the User Interface (UI) elements of Get Full Text Research (GetFTR) for Discovery Services, Scholarly Collaboration Networks and Publisher references, as well as recommendations on the optimum user experience.

View the Usability Guidelines V3 (opens a PDF)

View the Authentication Guidelines V1 (opens a PDF)

Download assets (zip file including svg and png versions of the visual indicators)

  • getftr-indicators  (please  right click and open link in new window and click enter – this will then download the zip file for you)

Version: 3 (October 2022): GetFTR Usability Guidelines for Integrators [V3]

Audience: Discovery services, scholarly collaboration platforms, publishers and publishing platform providers

Contributors: GetFTR User Experience (UX) Steering Group

What’s new?


  • The GetFTR Indicator is mandatory, however it is up to each site to determine how best to convey the status of Open Access content to their users
  • UX design examples have been included, highlighting “dos” and “don’ts”
  • Guidelines are backed with data – by comparing current UX designs to click-through rates on GetFTR links, we have identified best practice

If you would like to meet to discuss how to improve your current implementation, or are considering integrating with GetFTR, please contact at 


Please note that these guidelines are subject to change and we are also looking for feedback from integrators. As it is an ongoing iterative process we are always learning how to best implement the user experience across multiple platforms. You can get in touch here or through the ‘contact’ link on the website.

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