Performance Guidelines – Publishers


The intent here is to provide Publishers with performance guidelines, for their Entitlement APIs, to ensure GetFTR participants experience a high quality of service. Intermittent failure to meet the recommended performance levels may result in Publisher responses not being proxied through GetFTR,  and therefore not surfaced on Integrator platforms. This scenario will be handled gracefully by GetFTR and Integrators. Persistent failure to achieve the performance guidelines may result in membership to GetFTR being suspended. Publishers will be given due notice of such action and opportunity to resolve the issue.

Fore brevity, all references to an “API” here refer to the “Publisher’s Entitlement API”.

Load profile

GetFTR will be able to advise Publishers on expected load and peak levels.  It is at the Publisher’s discretion to either rate limit or scale to serve greater peak loads and still maintain quality of service. Such rate limits should be declared to GetFTR during onboarding. GetFTR will block inbound DDOS attacks and not relay them onto Publisher APIs.

Average Response Time (ART)

Recommend 300ms average response time over a 1 month reporting period, as observed at the endpoint location.

Percentile Response Time (PART)

Recommend 500ms average response time at 95%tile over a 1 month reporting period, as observed at the endpoint location.

Uptime (UT)

Recommend 99.8% uptime over a 1 month reporting period. Periods where API faults (below) are observed count as downtime.


GetFTR will timeout API connections and requests taking over 1 second as observed at GetFTR. See API Faults below.


Publishers are responsible for monitoring their API’s performance. It is in the interest of the Publisher to expedite resolution of issues to have their entitlements restored. To reduce maintenance overhead, GetFTR are not responsible for raising or chasing Publisher support tickets.

API Faults

The following are classed as API faults:

  • API timing out (exceeding 1s response time as observed at GetFTR)
  • /status endpoint indicating service disruption
  • 5xx responses
  • API in maintenance (GetFTR makes no distinction)

Circuit Breaker

GetFTR recommends that Publisher’s implement a Circuit Breaker pattern in their API implementation to ensure they fail fast and don’t exhaust resources when attempting to recover.