What is GetFTR

Eva is a researcher at a university. She is using her usual online research platform to search for journal articles on the latest findings in her field.

The platform she’s using has integrated with GetFTR.

The research platform can detect Eva’s institutional affiliation and can use GetFTR to place an indicator next to any subscription-based articles that she can access.

She wants to read a full journal article, so clicks on the GetFTR indicator.

If Eva has recently authenticated at her institution she’ll go straight to the article. If she hasn’t, she will be directed to her university login page to check her credentials. No need to stop first at the publisher website, no decisions to make about which login to use.

The publisher seamlessly delivers the article to her there and then, without her having to know different login details or publisher website addresses.

And if she doesn’t have access? The publisher can then provide an alternative version of the content, such as a preprint or a read-only version.

This all happens instantly, regardless of where Eva is working, whether at home, in the university library, the lab, her local coffee shop or anywhere else. Eva hasn’t had to download anything or install additional software – just quick, simple access to the research she wants to read. Immediately.

Discover how GetFTR works

Sometimes it’s easier to watch so why not take a tour of how GetFTR works:




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