Terms of Use: Integrators

GetFTR is a service that discovery tools and collaboration networks can use to streamline user access to published research, whether subscription, free or open access content.

Providers of discovery tools, scholarly collaboration networks or other similar services are jointly referred to as GetFTR “integrators”.

We are actively encouraging and inviting integrators to incorporate GetFTR in their systems and services, to realise its benefits for the research community.

Our key terms of use for participating integrators are:

  1. Must link to the Version of Record (VoR), when a link is provided.
  2. Must respect copyright law, as implemented.
  3. Must adhere to branding guidelines.
  4. Must adhere to technical specifications.
  5. Must not store, aggregate or use entitlement data.

The full Integrator Terms v1.0 document is available here.

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